Being a small business owner is a difficult, time-consuming task. If your business is not organized properly, tasks can pile up or be forgotten and valuable time gets spent looking for something that should be readily available. Good organizational skills can make or break a business, ultimately saving you time, money and added stress.

The National Association of Professional Organizers found that 27% of people feel disorganized at work, and of those, 91% said they would be more effective and efficient if their workspace was better organized. Organization goes far beyond neatening stacks of paper on your desk or dusting off a shelf. Most of your business is conducted on a computer and deserves the most attention.

Having a disorganized computer is horrible for your productivity and can cause internal issues within the device itself. Here are some ways to get your business computer organized!

Declutter Your Desktop

It doesn’t take long for your desktop to be cluttered with icons. All of this clutter makes finding one file more difficult than solving a 1000 piece puzzle. One way to clean up your desktop is to remove everything from the homepage, except for your most frequently used apps and files.

Getting rid of unnecessary files can also help declutter your desktop and make your computer run more efficiently. It is a good idea to regularly go through your files and see which ones can be archived or can be kept on your device. This will free up storage on your computer and allow you to pull up files quicker.

Creating a digital filing system will make finding files easier for you and make business run smoother. Create a filing system that makes sense for you and your business either by client or date.

Use the Cloud

Utilizing the cloud in the workplace has many advantages. Regularly backing up your computer to the cloud will ensure that your data is secure and protected. This will allow for more space on your computer, increasing its speed and overall well being.

If you are looking to set up the cloud and automatic backups, but do not know where to begin, Auburn IT is here to help. We can implement the cloud into your business’ computers and will provide monitoring and management of local and cloud data backups for all workstations.

Regular Computer Maintenance

Just like going to the doctor your computer needs regular check-ups. It is important to install all possible updates to keep your computer organized. Making sure that all software and hardware is optimized minimizes your risk of any system crashes or security breaches. Most computers update automatically, but some you have to do manually. You should check for updates bi-monthly even if you think your computer updates automatically to guarantee everything is up-to-date.

Another way to keep your computer organized is regularly scanning for viruses and malware. These vicious cyberthreats can do a lot of damage to your computer and its contents.

Regular cleaning of your business’ computer can be risky, because you do not want to delete something that is important. If you have any issues or questions regarding computer maintenance Auburn IT is here to help.

Time to Get Organized!

These simple tips can help you organize your business’ computer and increase employee productivity in the office. Auburn IT’s experienced staff is here to assist you in any way possible. We have hundreds of services to choose from that will make your work life easier. Give us a call today!

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