The cloud has been taking over technology as developers make their own versions and encourage users to take advantage of it. But what is the cloud exactly and why should you use it? If you are confused about the cloud, you should know that you are most likely already using it. Email providers such as Gmail and Hotmail use the cloud. Online video interfaces like Youtube and Vimeo use the cloud. It is everywhere.

What is the cloud?

To answer your first question, cloud computing is the term used to describe the use of hardware and software delivered via network. Typically, the symbol associated is a cloud, hence the term “cloud” that is used to group together software, hardware, computation and remote services.

According to Global Dots, cloud computing is based on the premise that the main computing takes place on a machine, often remotely and is not the one currently being used. Now that you know what the cloud is, this post will address the various benefits of using it.

Data Protection

The number one concern for businesses should be data protection and security. Not only do you want your data to remain confidential, but you don’t want it to go missing. With the cloud, you will be offered many security features that will guarantee your data is secure.

Before storing your data via the cloud, it is important to understand what steps your cloud provider will take to secure it. Some providers will offer encryption so that a third-party will not be able to understand the data. Others require extra steps to access it such as authentication and access control.

Another way to protect your data is by backing it up. This way, in case of a data loss event, your data is safe and stored somewhere else that you can reach. Cloud backups can be done through different services: iDrive Personal, Backblaze, Microsoft OneDrive and many more.


Scalability in cloud computing is the ability to quickly and easily increase the size and power of an IT solution. In simpler terms, scalability is an advantage of the cloud because it can adapt to your changing needs and demands. If your business is quickly growing, the cloud will be able to grow with it.

Scalability has many benefits within itself. First of all, it offers more storage. It can accommodate your needs as a growing company to store client information or host applications. Second, cloud computing has much more power to provide transformative business results. Your cloud will be able to handle spikes in business at the same power as it did with smaller assets.

With shifting customer demands, scalability allows the systems to quickly adapt without hiccups in the system. Your company can redesign its network to fit your new infrastructure.

Cost Efficiency

Say goodbye to the days of buying storage and disk space. No more having to buy, install and maintain expensive software. Many applications are free of charge on the cloud as well. You basically only pay for what you use.

You can also reduce your worries about needing constant maintenance for the cloud. This means no longer spending money for the service in addition to the damages. At Auburn IT, the cloud is included in our Managed IT Services price bundle to keep your data backed up and secure.

Mobility & Collaboration

The cloud is great for the whole office because everyone can access the data on their own time, from anywhere. Employees will be able to get data on multiple devices. Upload a company calendar or meeting notes that someone can access when away from the office.

This is also great to keep documents updated for the whole company. The cloud also allows for work to be accessed from anywhere. This makes collaboration with co-workers or clients much easier with shared data.

Cloud computing can greatly impact your organization and provide for a better level of efficiency. On the rise every year, it is something you should highly consider if you have not already utilized it. Auburn IT is happy to help you get your cloud set up and maintained. Feel free to contact us today by filling out our online form or calling us at 334-625-1770.

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