Columbus Georgia IT Specialists

Auburn IT - Columbus, GA

Auburn IT is glad to be servicing Columbus and Lagrange. Our IT experts have over 40 years of experience and are eager to serve you. We want to be your dedicated IT department. Auburn IT is a growing business and is excited to serve the area with our many IT services.

Although founded in Auburn, our team of IT consultants are based in various locations in the East Alabama/West Georgia area. As we continue to expand and service more places, Columbus is a great place to offer our services! It is a growing area, being the third largest city in Georgia. A short drive from Auburn, the city of Columbus offers the Chattahoochee River walk for biking or walking. It also displays the remains of 19th-century warships. There is so much history to be offered in Columbus, Georgia. Not only do we service Columbus, but Lagrange and other small cities in the surrounding area.

Columbus, Georgia is known for its Southern hospitality and unique attractions. Home to Columbus State University and Columbus Technical College, this city is constantly bustling with people. There are many places to stay including bed and breakfasts or larger hotels. You can enjoy Columbus through food as well! With many fine dining establishments or good ‘ole barbecue, you can’t stay hungry here.

We offer managed IT services which ensures your technology is kept running efficiently. Our team will always work around the clock to be proactive in issue management and resolution. We will ensure that everything is working correctly.

Auburn IT also offers additional services to fit whatever your company may be needing. We are a dedicated team of professionals looking to implement everything you need from an IT perspective.

We want to be your IT department and we are eager to expand our business to the Columbus area. If you are interested in our services, feel free to contact us through our online form or call us at 334-625-1770.